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 DuPage County Workforce Development Division   http://www.worknetdupage.org/ 
 OAI, Inc.   http://www.oaiinc.org 
 Career Transitions Center of Chicago   http://www.ctcchicago.org/ 
 Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law   http://www.povertylaw.org 
 Employment and Employer Services   http://www.eesforjobs.com 
 JVS Chicago   http://www.jvschicago.org/ 
 Access Living   http://www.accessliving.org 
 Central States SER   http://www.centralstatesser.org 
 Breakthrough Urban Ministries   http://www.breakthrough.org 
 Inspiration Corporation   http://www.inspirationcorp.org/ 
 Centers for New Horizons   http://www.cnh.org/ 
 Austin Coming Together   http://austincomingtogether.org/ 
 LeadersUp   http://www.leadersup.org/ 
 World Relief DuPage/Aurora   http://worldrelief.org/page.aspx?pid=1715 
 Growing Home, Inc.   http://www.growinghomeinc.org 
 Howard Area Community Center   http://www.howardarea.org/ 
 Erie Neighborhood House   www.eriehouse.org 
 Chicago Lights Urban Farm    
  Inner Voice, Inc.