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LISC L.A. Career Coaching Training

06/03/2019 09:00 AM - 06/06/2019 01:00 PM PT


The curriculum for this training was purposefully designed to address the many skills employment coaches need in order to help a job seeker prepare and move into the workforce. Starting from the first meeting with a job seeker, a career coach needs to know how to build rapport, listen effectively, and ask questions that gather meaningful information about a job seeker’s current skills, interests, and strengths. From there, using a variety of coaching skills, assessment tools, goal setting strategies, and a discussion of career pathways, the career coach helps the job seeker understand how their skills and interests connect them to the labor market. The culmination of all this discussion and employment preparation leads to a targeted employment search – with the job seeker using online and in-person networking methods to find employment and the career coach working to engage employers directly. We will specifically discuss how a career coach can pitch and engage employers to utilize their agency’s services and hire their jobs seekers. All of this work from both the job seeker and career coach hopefully results in employment, so the curriculum moves to a discussion about retention, specifically how to implement strategies that encourage both in-program and on-the-job retention to ultimately help our clients advance in their career..


At the conclusion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and implement a coaching model and coaching core values
  • Help set job seeker expectations throughout the employment continuum
  • Use online assessments and other tools to help job seekers articulate their skills and interests
  • Set long-term goals with job seekers as well as immediate action steps
  • Use career ladders, lattices and pathways to help job seekers understand the labor market
  • Articulate best practices for job seeker resume creation, networking and job searching
  • Effectively prepare job seekers for a successful interview
  • Identify the value of their organization’s business services and communicate that value effectively to employers
  • Craft and deliver a persuasive employer pitch
  • Respond  to potential employer objections
  • Transition business contacts into true business partners
  • Implement in-program and post-program retention strategies to mitigate job seeker turnover and maintain quality employer relationships 
  • Map their program process to identify where job seekers tend to drop out of their program and solutions to address this attrition


This is a 3.5 day training to take place June 3-6th in Los Angeles, CA.

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